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Under the influence of love and music, Nongxiang Co., Ltd. Lanyuan has been established in 2006, and specializing in the production of butterfly orchids, Jiadelia seedlings, stone orchids and other orchids, from the purchase of tissue cultivation of orchid seedlings (bottle seedlings) to the cultivation of flower stalks to potted flowers. Our nursery is one of very few of orchid nursery in Taiwan with one-stop operation and meanwhile with domestic and foreign access manufacturers. Currently, our orchid seedlings are mainly exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, Brazil, Vietnam, South Korea, and other countries. The principle of Nongxiang company emphasized in love, people, and flower-based, focus on employee welfare, provide employment opportunities for local Native indigenous People and play music at various plants to improve productivity. Our Orchid greenhouse occupies around 16,675 square feet and which produce more than 2,5 millions seedlings annually (large, medium, small, bottle seedlings) as wholesale and retail,. Meanwhile we cultivate more than 110 varieties of orchids. Our business philosophy of Nongxing is customer’s satification is most important.The company's staffs are committed to providing customers with high-quality seedlings and the best after-sales service, and focus on the development of new varieties of different species to meet domestic and foreign customers.

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